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You just pay for the minimum order fee, and we deliver it for free.

Lunch & Dinner

Home or office delivery available 7 days per week:
11:30 am - 02:00 pm
05:00 pm - 08:00 pm
Pre-ordering available 24/7


We specialise in making the freshest exquisite Sushi and Yakitori

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You can easily browse our menu from your desktop or mobile and place your order straight away

Pick up orders

No minimum order amount

10% discount applies to pick up orders

Delivery areas / Minimum delivery order amounts
Area A - Minimum order amount $39
Area B - Minimum order amount $49
Area C - Minimum order amount $79
Area D - Minimum order amount $149
* Delivery area is shown approximately. The exact minimum delivery order amount for your specific area will be shown during your order.
** Our standard delivery time is 60-90 minutes. Delivery time may vary depending on time, order size and delivery area.
Why Sushi Planet?

We promise our customers to be:


We use the freshest, un-frozen Australian fish every day and prepare each dish only after the order is placed.
We strongly advise you to eat the food as soon as it is served to enjoy the best taste.


We believe that beauty is in simplicity: we keep our design minimalistic and our menu short. We do not offer a large variety of foods, because we prioritise the quality over the quantity, focusing on making the best Sushi and Yakitori - these are our signature dishes.


We pay a lot of attention to little details, so you can enjoy the convenience of all our services throughout the entire process, from ordering to eating no matter if you are at the restaurant, at home or in the office.


We always meet you with a smile.