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About Us

Sushi Planet is a contemporary Japanese restaurant with a free delivery service, specialising in making the freshest exquisite sushi and Japanese charcoal grilled skewers - yakitori.

Our main goal is to provide our customers with an unforgettable dining experience through a seamless integration of the freshest food, delicious cocktails, friendly service and contemporary ambience.

Sushi Planet also provides free delivery, so anyone can easily place an order on our website or via telephone and enjoy freshest Sushi at home or in the office without any hassle.


Mission Statement

To set an unbeatable benchmark in making the best sushi and yakitori, indulging every customer in a holistic contemporary dining experience at our restaurant, at home or at work, through a seamless integration of the freshest seafood, advanced culinary techniques and friendly service at great value.


Brand Values

We promise our customers to be:


We use the freshest, un-frozen Australian fish every day and prepare each dish only after the order is placed.

We strongly advise you to eat the food as soon as it is served to enjoy the best taste.



We believe that beauty is in simplicity: we keep our design minimalistic and our menu short.  We do not offer a large variety of foods, because we prioritise the quality over the quantity, focusing on making the best Sushi and Yakitori - these are our signature dishes.



We pay a lot of attention to little details, so you can enjoy the convenience of all our services throughout the entire process; from ordering to eating no matter if you are at the restaurant, at home or in the office.



We always meet you with a smile.